Disable Ads On YouTube With This YouTube Experiment

Disable Ads on YouTube With This YouTube Experiment

There are a lot of different ways to block ad online. One way to disable all ads on YouTube insolves an experiment with a simple command in the developer console.

Google frequently tries out new features with experiments via TestTube. A less advertised experiment can disable all ads on the site. To enable it, you'll need to enter the following code into the developer console (Ctrl-Shift-J for Chrome, Ctrl-Shift-K for Firefox) in your browser while on YouTube:

document.cookie="VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=oKckVSqvaGw; path=/; domain=.youtube.com";window.location.reload();

Just paste that code, press enter and the page should reload. Boom. No more ads. Since this is something that Google is allowing, it's possible it could go away in the future, but you get a lovely ad-free viewing experience without any plugins while it works. It even works on those pesky video ads.

YouTube Experiment gets rid of all advertisement on site [Ghacks]


    No longer works, at least with Firefox 53+

    Broke my youtube doing this, had to clear all cookies go figure :) turn off my addblock and watch the ad they force you to watch on start.

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