Designers, Like Developers, Are Night Workers

Designers, Like Developers, Are Night Workers

What is about computers that makes us want to use them for work after midnight? An analysis of submissions on crowdsourcing design site DesignCrowd found that 20 per cent of jobs were submitted between 10pm and 7am.

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The other pressing factor would appear to be deadlines: the most common time to submit a finished project was between 3pm and 4pm. Activity continued steadily throughout the evening.

Do you work better at night, prefer an early start, or do you just grab whatever time you can for work? Tell us in the comments.


  • I find myself going through phases. Early on in the project where collaboration with the client is paramount and there are regular emails and teleconferences to nail down the specs I usually work a fairly normal workday. Later on in the project when it’s just a matter of bashing out the code I start to become nocturnal until 3PM to 2AM days are the norm.

  • Doesn’t this depend on where the users live? It might be 10pm to 7am on DesignCrowd’s logs, but it could be 1pm for the submitter?

  • I’d imagine it’s more a case of the designers having day jobs, and just trying to make a buck after hours.

  • Probably this ^

    However I also find myself working better late at night until the early morning I feels as if my mind is more creative during those hours, no idea why.

    If only Design was my actual Profession 🙁

    Fuck IT

    • Yeah fuck IT during normal working hours, can’t get any real work done because users basically.

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