Design Is Crucial For Big Data Capture

When we discuss the issues associated with using big data, we often focus on the shortage of implementation experts and the challenges of data quality. One other problem that doesn't get raised as often: the importance of designing systems that are easy-to-use so that you capture data accurately.

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Bill Robbins, chief operating officer for customer experience software company 24/7, argues that designing effective user interfaces is just as important as the technology deployment and analysis components if you want that data to actually be useful. "We put a lot of effort into design," he told Lifehacker. "If you don't design that interface properly, you don't end up with actionable information."

Setting clear goals for what you want to change as a result of collecting that data is also important, Robbins pointed out. One trap to avoid: assuming that absolutely all behaviour can be altered or that every transaction will be completed satisfactorily. "There are always going to be outliers," he said.


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