Custom-Ordering A Suit? Don’t Make It Navy Blue

Custom-Ordering A Suit? Don’t Make It Navy Blue
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Ordering a custom suit means you can get exactly the style and fit you need, making it easier to impress people in job interviews, on dates and when elbowing them out of the way on the train. If you’re going to all that trouble, don’t go with the crowd and avoid a double-breasted navy option.

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Business Insider reported recently that the most popular design from online suit store InStitchU was “navy, 100 per cent wool, and single-breasted with two buttons”. Sounds good, but if you’re going to break away from the herd and have your own suit made, why get one that’s the same as everyone else?

That’s my take, though, in the interests of disclosure, it should be noted that I’ll happily wear suitjamas in public. What are your essential requirements in a suit? Tell us in the comments.

Australia’s Most Popular Suit Is Navy, Wool, And Single-Breasted With Two Buttons [Business Insider]


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        Not to mention as you pointed out just how pervasive the ads are.. It’s pretty rediculous.

  • That’s odd. In my experience by far the most common suit colour is black, followed by grey/charcoal, with navy as a very distant third.
    Fit and cut is the most important element of a suit. A designer suit will look like a Rivers special if it doesn’t fit you properly.

  • ESPECIALLY if you are having the suit for a job interview at the sort of place you’d wear a suit to the interview, navy blue or charcoal. Maybe medium grey. Probably single-breasted (double-breasted suits only suit old guys or a particular build). Leave the funky standing-out-in-the-crowd suits for jobs at advertising agencies. Do avoid black, unless you’re going for a job as an undertaker or something. Black limits your options with shirts and ties and looks too much like formal wear or a funeral suit. It’s a common misconception by people who don’t wear suits much that black is the main business suit colour. Charcoal or navy.

    This is true whether you’re ordering online or (as I’d advise if you’re not familiar with suits) either getting measured by a tailor for a made-to-measure suit by a concern like or going down to a place like Peter Jackson’s and getting one of their suits tailored to fit you. A suit that fits is the most important thing.

  • Navy blue is an absolute work horse of a suit colour and advice of, don’t buy it because it’s popular is silly.

    It’s a good colour for all types of work, it suits (hah!) nearly every skin type, can be worn in a casual environment , can be seperated, works well with most colours and paired with a pair of jeans and in a pinch can be worn at weddings.

    Personally, I’d say go with charcoal suit for your first but it’s a solid colour to start out with.

  • I had a very old (& trashed) 1970’S pierre cardin (paris) suit.. it was almost dying, so I went to Hoi Ann in vietnam & found the most expensive tailor there to remake it for me, using their most expensive fabric.

    so i now have an amazing grey suit; that is unlike anything that exists today. I often get comments on how cool it is (which is handy because i work in creative industry).

    best bit is, it only cost me AU $400; providing you don’t include the airfare.

  • You do realise that InstitchU is an MTM company, and therefore does not represent the majority of suits available in the wild. You will see far more people walking around in sack-like black OTR suits than Navy MTM’s…

    The navy suit is a staple, wearing a properly fitted navy suit to an interview will score you points because wearing a properly fitted suit of any colour is already putting you ahead of the curve.

    Go home article, you’re drunk!

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