Clean Your Windscreen With Coca-Cola

Clean Dirt and Bugs Off Your Windscreen With Coca Cola

Ideally, when it's to clean your car, you'll have access to proper car wash supplies. If none are handy, however, try Coca-Cola and a damp cloth.

As tips blog WonderHowTo points out, Coke can do a quick and dirty job tearing through thick layers of insects, grime and crap. Pour the soft drink on to a rag and wash your windscreen then rinse with a wet cloth or your regular windscreen wipers. Just be careful to avoid getting Coke on your paint job.

This isn't the best solution if your car is sitting in your drive way, but on a long journey, it could be useful. Check out WonderHowTo's piece for more road trip tips.

10 Hacks for Your Next Epic Road Trip [WonderHowTo]


    or you could just pull into the closest service station and clean your windows there.

    Useful tip #2:

    If you're struggling to get them off with coke, just take one of the caps off your car battery and pour some of its electrolyte solution onto a rag and use that.

    Just be careful to avoid getting any on your hands or face, or on the car's paint or rubber. rumor has it, it can burn like acid.

    maybe vinegar would be a cheaper, less messy solution

    Or you could just use dish-washing liquid and some water.
    You know, like how you clean all other glass, including the ones you drink from.

      No no.... your missing the point scrubzilla... you're now supposed to clean your glassware with Coke !!! don't SEE...

    I put "Nifty" in my wiper fluid.
    But you could use any kitchen cleaning product that is designed to cut through 'grease & oil'.

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