Chronos Shows You How You’re Spending Your Precious Time

We’ve shown you how to reclaim your workday and be more productive by tracking your time with RescueTime. It’s great if you’re tracking your computer usage, but what about the rest of your day? Chronos wants to give you similar insight into your day-to-day activities, like how long you spend in traffic, how long you’re actually working overtime, how much time you actually get to spend with friends or family and so on. The app runs quietly in the background of your smartphone, and lets you highlight and mark events, locations and more so you can get a complete picture of your day.

The app can also be useful to track your activities on holiday or when you’re running around town, so you can look back and see where you’ve been and what you’ve accomplished on a given day. At the end of a day, or after a few days of tracking, you can see where you’re spending your time and consciously make changes to your routine.

The app comes in two flavours. The iOS version is fully featured and gives you feedback on your activities that you can view from your phone (as shown in the video above). The Android version is a data collector that just runs in the background and collects information you can review in infographic form on your computer later. Hit the link below to learn more about it and download it from the app store of your choice.

Chronos – Find Your Time

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