Caffeinate Your Opponent To Win An Argument

Caffeinate Your Conversation Partner to Win an Argument

Trying to convince a friend to back your choice of lunch venue, or need to sway your boss onto your side in a meeting? Your odds may be better if they have a little caffeine in their system.

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Researchers in Australia ran an experiment in which participants were presented with two opposing sides of several arguments. One group was given a dose of caffeine between hearing the second of the two messages, while a control group only took a placebo. The caffeine-consuming group was more easily swayed, on average, by the second set of arguments.

A cup of coffee isn't going to guarantee a raise from your boss, but you can still try to time your interactions based on when your conversation partner last visited the break room for a cup of coffee. It might not make a huge difference, but it just might be enough to push them over the edge if you present your ideas well.

Effects of caffeine on persuasion and attitude change: The role of secondary tasks in manipulating systematic message processing [Erowid via Real Simple]


    Hmm seems very subjective, though most such things erowid is involved with are.. Like, to me - it could equally as deliberately be attributed to them having some time in between the two ideas.. They might not even be actively thinking about it, but their subconcious is all over it.

    Interesting though.

    ¿Left handed handshake?

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