Briefly: Iconic Movie Weapons, Aussie Wins Rubik's Cube Championship, Wii-U Already Dead?

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: Top 20 weapons from iconic movie gunslingers, 17-year old Aussie is the new world-champion at Rubik’s Cube, things go from bad to worse for Nintendo's ailing Wii-U console.

  • Italian art director, film geek and movie director Federico Mauro has created a fantastical art gallery of the most iconic weapons in cinema: from Captain Kirk's phaser handgun to Anton Sugar's lethal bolt pistol. You can check out a selection of Mauro's familiar arsenal at Gizmodo.
  • An Australian has won the Rubik's Cube championship in record-breaking time. Feliks Zemdegs, a 17-year old from Melbourne completed the cube in under eight-seconds. You can watch a video of his amazing feat here.
  • Nintendo has been accused of "flogging a dead horse" by the editor of a leading UK Games website who spoke to the BBC. "Sales of Nintendo's latest games console, the Wii U, have slowed with just 160,000 units sold in the three months to June," the BBC reports. "The next six months is going to be absolutely crucial for Nintendo... If the Wii U doesn't pick up, it would be sensible to think about launching a new console,"'s Keza Macdonald editor told the news website. For Ninty fans, it looks like troubling times are ahead...
  • Yesterday, PopSugar Health & Fitness showed us five ways to stretch your quads. Today, they have offer five effective moves to tone your inner thighs. After indulging in McDonald's Double Angus Big Mac, I need to follow this advice more than most (belly tone-ups next please!)


    Umm, ... Anton Chigurh.

      Godamn it. I've read the book and everything.

    Pretty sure that Keza works for IGN UK, not EGN...... But yes, Nintendo is going to have some radical changes over the next year.

    Um, the Rubik's cube record is actually 5.66 seconds

    Mats Valk (Netherlands)
    Zonhoven Open 2013 5.55 VIDEO:

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