Briefly: 4G In Australia Explained, Prescient Sci-Fi, Father's Day Gifts For Outdoor Dads

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: win a free copy of the PC strategy game Total War: Rome II, 4G In Australia: past, present and future, 16 classic films that got future tech right.

  • Fashion and music fans may want to head over to PopSugar Beauty for a gallery of MTV VMAS frocks. According to the reporters who know about this sort of thing, Selena Gomez scored points for matching burgundy lips and nails while Katy Perry's makeup was "simply stunning". (They also have plenty of images of Miley Cyrus' ghastly hyper-sexualised We Can't Stop performance — which the less said about the better.)
  • Old science-fiction moves are often guilty of getting space-age technology completely wrong (anyone remember the tape-based computers in 2001: A Space Odyssey?) Sometimes however, a filmmaker's vision of the future is surprisingly accurate. Here are 16 of the best examples.
  • Our friends over at Kotaku are currently giving away 10 free copies of the turn-based strategy game Total War: Rome II. Click here to find out what you need to do to be in the running.
  • If you suffer from pityriasis capitis or pruritus (AKA dandruff and itchy scalp), here's a deal that may be of interest to you: PinchMe is offering a free sample of Head & Shoulders Itchy Scalp Care. To claim your freebie, all you need to do is become a member of the website.
  • Gizmodo has published a new feature explaining the ins and outs of 4G in Australia; from the frequencies that 4G networks are on right now to what the future holds.
  • Father's Day is fast approaching for another year. If your dad is a bit of a sporty type, head over to PopSugar Health & Fitness to see some great outdoorsy gift ideas.


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