Attach Anything To Your Mac With A Binder Clip

Attach Anything to Your Mac with a Binder Clip

If you're running a bit low on storage space on your desk, reader Max points out that most Apple computers, including iMacs and MacBooks, have a magnetic screen that's great for storing stuff. Attach a binder clip to it, and suddenly you can store all kinds of things.

Max's original tip suggests taking advantage of this magnet to help you keep documents in place:

A paperclip can be an inexpensive method to have a document handy using a paperclip on the magnetic edge of the MacBook Pro

That's all well and good, but we decided to see just how far we could take it. As it turns out, that same magnet in the screen holds a binder clip just as well, which means you can attach all kinds of things to your monitor. Likewise, anything else you have that's metals sticks just as well, including: a metal stylus I had sitting around, an X-Acto blade, a strange metal shelf, batteries, headphones and cables.


    Never ever noticed the magnetic power available from my iMac screen - thanks for the tip!

    This is how iMacs should be decorated:

    I don't know... Apple almost refused to fix my screen on my Retina MacBook pro due to a tiny indentation on my screen that was as tiny as a grain of salt. I could only imagine how reluctant they would be if I told them that I used above-mentioned method, or they found a tiny scratch caused by a binder clip.

    Those folks at the Apple Store can be very OCD about these things ;)

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