Ask Lifehacker A Question And Win A LEGO Builder Case

Ask Lifehacker A Question And Win A LEGO Builder Case

We love answering reader questions through Ask Lifehacker. We also love LEGO. So when Belkin sent us one of its snazzy new LEGO Builder Cases for the iPhone 5, we thought the best thing to do would be to give it away to a reader.

Here’s the deal: ask us a question suitable for Ask Lifehacker in the comments below. The question we judge the most interesting will win the LEGO Builder Case and will be answered here on the site. We’ll also try to answer as many of the others as possible.

Full terms and conditions here. Entries close on Monday 2 September at midday, so get cracking with the questions!


  • What does the future of home automation look like, specifically in Australia.

    HPM closed i-control, C-Bus is very expensive and very dated in functionality ( to really make it shine you need to use 3rd party gear). The Belkin Wemo is interesting but somewhat basic. In my next build i am hoping to build in automation for blinds, lighting, low impact heating/cooling, with event triggers rather than timers or switches but i don’t want to have to hack apart raspberry pi/andrino solution.

  • I am trying to find a nice home entertainment solution, where I would have my music/movies/etc on a single place, but available to all devices in the network.
    I am currently running a NAS server and a WD Live TV device on my TV to access the content.
    Plus, I would like to have easy access to youtube on my TV, but the app that came with WD TV keeps crashing all the time, making it unusable.
    Is there any better way to accomplish my goal here?

  • I’m 31 years old and have become a bit disenchanted with my career and life (early mid life crisis?) I work as a software engineer and while I enjoy the work, I hate the ego driven nature of the industry and the general corporate bull**** that comes from working at a mid-sized company.

    For that reason I’ve been entertaining for a while the idea of quitting my job and reevaluating my life and goals while travelling overseas for a while. I’ve also considered asking for extended unpaid leave but the problem with that is it creates a deadline when I have to come back, and I don’t really intend to stay at the company long term anyway.

    I have enough savings to last a year or two and no relationship, assets or loans to tie me down. I would see myself doing volunteer work and generally living on the cheap for as long as possible. I have travelled a bit in my life but never for more than a month, and I am definitely at my happiest when living out of a backpack!

    What I am concerned about though is what will happen when the money runs out? Its no guarantee that work will agree to grant me such a long period of unpaid leave, and the thought of coming back broke and having to find a job immediately while justifying why I quit my last job and haven’t worked since is daunting.

    Is the potential growth and life experience I would gain from this sort of decision worth the inconvenience when I get back? Are recruiters and potential employers going to be turned off by my extended break from my career? Should I just suck it up and get on with my life/find another job now?

    Any advice and perspective is appreciated.

  • I work in IT and my boss is trying to force me to be on-call for after-hours phone support by changing the structure of my bonus, but not offering any more pay. Can he legally do that?

  • My partner and I are currently renting a one bedroom unit in a not so friendly suburb and I’ve been interested in setting up a home security system – in particular a surveillance system and some sort of an alarm that can notify me if something happens via mobile. Keeping in mind that we are renting and can’t be drilling any holes into the walls to attach cameras, what would be an affordable system we could set up?

  • What will happen when the world runs out of petrol? Will there be crisis? Will the world never run out of petrol because of bio-fuels and electricity?

  • Why are Kogan to Aldi phone number ports taking longer than the normal period? Kogan is suggesting specific ports to Aldi are affected but that ports to other providers including Telstra are occurring within usual time frames. Aldi is claiming it is an industry wide issue? Does Lifehacker know more?

  • I’ve always wondered how legal it is to live in a “commercial building”. For the same amount of space, they are almost always cheaper to lease or buy than a residential building, and many have bathroom & kitchen facilities, and probably have decent internet access if it’d be an office building, which means you could basically live comfortably for very cheap, even if it’s a highly sought after area like the CBD. It would be an interesting and money-saving experience to live in a commercial building for a while. Obviously there could be potential legal issues – but how strict are these? Would a lenient landlord let you get away with it?

  • I have a habit of coming up with an idea, and then not actually following through with it. I have a specific project that I have really wanted to do for a long time, but I have never actually made an effort to make it happen (in this case doing a crowdfunding campaign).

    I think my main reasons for not doing this are fear of failure and a general sense of being easily distracted.

    What are some good ways to force yourself to see a project through to completion, despite fear of failure?

  • Dr Lifehacker,

    I’m a teenager (17) and wants to start up an online retail business right after school finishes. I have 2000 dollars saved up now, and really don’t want to go to university, as that would just make me in dept even more. How do you reckon I could start with $2000, barely any online experience?

  • How can I gain more hours in the day by sleeping less, without any hideous side-effects?
    Since I was a kid I’ve always felt that sleeping, thought necessary, was time that could be spent in more fulfilling ways. We exist for only a blink of an eye, and every moment counts, so I would rather spend those six hours a day on something else instead of inert in a bed. What can a person (legally and safely!) do to massively reduce, or even eliminate, the need for sleep?

  • Dear Lifehacker –

    could you please “stick your toe (or foot) in the pond” of Android app building ?

    I am trying to work out whether to invest the hours in learning to do it yourself properly, or pay someone to make my App idea happen for me. I realize this is a tough-ish question. I also realize there is a lot of information on this subject on the internet and more than likely it’s been covered in Lifehacker before.

    BUT computer technology changes so very quickly – so if I developed an app which would currently be better, i.e Do It Yourself or Hire someone ?

    I am not looking at the myriad of simple android web apps you can make in 10 minutes where the boxes are filled in for you almost 🙂 I have some elementary php skills, so enjoy making the odd script. That is to say don’t mind learning programming if it will get somewhere 🙂

    Thanks StephenF

  • With the federal election coming up I’d love to hear life hackers opinion on the future of technology in AUS. Apart from NBN where should the government be focusing their tech industry financial support?

    Also love to hear your opinion on Foxtels obvious manipulation of politicians in regard to the future of NBN? Granted Labor have been less than competent in the rollout. But blind Freddy can see its a direct threat to Murdochs Foxtel.

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