Ask LH: How Can Our Family Adjust To A New City?

Dear Lifehacker, I am moving interstate for a new job. What is your advice for coming into not only a new workplace but also a new city where we (myself, my wife, two kids under 4) know no-one? Thanks, Relocating Questioner

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Dear RQ,

The steps to landing a new job are pretty much the same in every city: keep on eye on popular job sites and apply for absolutely everything that grabs your interest. You can find a huge array of articles on our website that offer extensive employment tips; from constructing the perfect resume to improving your interview techniques. Check out the stories under our Job and Interview tags for plenty of in-depth advice.

As to meeting new people, this is substantially easier in the internet age compared to decades past: whatever your hobbies or interests are, you'll probably be able to find a specialist app or website that will hook you up with like-minded people in your area. This article provides some useful tips on how to make friends as an older, post-university adult.

If you're wary of meeting strangers through the internet, check out our online social safety guide. If you'd prefer not to meet in the flesh straight away, you can break the ice with a web-based video chat service.

We'd also like to hear from our readers on this: if you have any tips for finding professional and/or social connections in a new city, let RQ know in the comments section below.

Cheers Lifehacker

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    It sounds like OP has already landed a new job interstate and was asking for advice on settling into the new workplace, not for tips on how to find a new job.

      +1. I think Chris has a future in politics ahead of him: I reject your question and substitute my own...

      Chris also mentioned how to make friends in a new city. As useful as that may be it still doesn't answer the question very well, and I'm guessing the OP wouldn't have an issue with something like that if they'd consider moving interstate.

    I would definitely recommend joining some clubs in the area. You'd be surprised how quickly you can make friends simply by the virtue of seeing them on a regular basis, be it over a soccer match or a book club discussion.

      Agreed. Just think about your hobbies / things you would like to do, and join a club / go to an open day. Or if you're Christian, find out where your nearest church is. Meet the parents of some of the kids in your kids' classes. There are plenty of ways.

    My parents were both in the military whilst I went to 10 schools over 12 years, in 6 states.
    My story is not dissimilar to any other kid with parents in the forces.

    Get involved with your local school and make the time to say hello to your neighbours - be sure to take your kids to the local parks and if you are religious make yourself known to the local place of worship.

    If you are working and your wife is at home with the kids, be sure to make sure she gets time to hit the gym or join a club of the biggest battles you will face is if you start meeting people and getting out and about - and she doesn't. You will soon be heading back to where you came as you can easily feel isolated in a city of millions.

    Exciting times ahead - a rolling stone gathers no moss! :) Good luck with the new gig too!

    All the best!

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