Ask LH: Can Exercise Change My Penis Size?

Ask LH: Can Exercise Change My Penis Size?
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Dear Lifehacker, When women exercise and lose weight, their breasts sometimes get smaller as a result of the loss. Conversely, weight gain makes their breasts larger. I want to know: if men lose weight, will it make you lose weight from your penis/testes? Conversely, would a gain increase the size? Thanks, Questionably-Hung Geek

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Dear QHG,

We attempted to get a science expert to answer this question but none of them would return our calls, which should give you an indication of how absurd it is. (To put this into perspective, we managed to get a detailed response on whether eating boogers and ear wax is good for you.)

In short, your penis is one muscle that you can’t bulk up with exercise: whether you gain weight or lose it, your genitals will stay the same size and shape. The fatty tissue in breasts really has no bearing to this question — they’re hardly homologous organs, after all. Outside of cosmetic surgery, you’re basically stuck with the size your genes dealt you.

That said, an exercise regime that results in significant weight loss will probably make your junk look more impressive due to a tighter stomach and surrounding groin area. It will only be an optical illusion, but it’s better than nothing.

We also hear that “manscaping” your pubic area can make things look bigger, although do try not to go overboard: there are few things more ridiculous looking than completely bald male genitals.


  • I only really know one exercise involving the penis and after decades of meticulous study, I can confirm that it doesn’t make it bigger. Well not for very long anyway

  • If getting fat gave you a bigger fat I think the obesity epidemic would be 10X worse.What about those Swedish penis pump things?

  • Losing fat will not increase your penis size, it will only decrease the fat around your penis and give you a more healthier erection.

  • The part I love is that if there was some weird way to make your penis bigger nobody would believe it thanks to the centuries of enlargement scams. There’d be a half dozen extremely naive guys walking around hung like horses while the rest of us laugh at the ‘scientifically proven’ exercise program.

  • Only way losing weight will change your penis size are these two ways.

    1) Are you fat enough to have a bit of fat in your pubic area? Poke into the fat next to your penis, however deep you can push that finger is how much longer you could be if you weren’t fat.

    2) If you are really unhealthy there’s a good chance you can’t hold a full erection in the first place, being healthier can improve this.

    Besides those two you wont see any real difference.

    • I can vouch for number 2. I lost 25kg and it made me randier than I’ve ever been since I was 19 lol

      I wasn’t having erection problems, but just the sheer amount of extra energy, coupled with the fact that you feel sexy because you look sexy is amazing.

      • Off topic, I’m 28 and taking test booster and eat blocker.for better results at gym, and I’m back to back batting like a champ, I think I will end up. changing the natural curve on my willy

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