Are Your Favourite Brands Harder To Find At The Supermarket?

A recent survey suggests that more Australians believe they have less choice at the supermarket, even in those stores which make a point of stocking multiple brands. Are you finding it harder to locate the products you prefer?

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The question of whether house brands will ultimately reduce our choice is one we’ve discussed repeatedly here at Lifehacker. Australian Food News reports on Roy Morgan Research which suggests that 56 per cent of shoppers in Woolworths say the supermarket “stocks the brands they want”. At its peak, that number was 63 per cent. For Coles, the figure is 52 per cent, while at ALDI it’s 29 per cent (unsurprising given ALDI’s overwhelming preference for its own-branded goods). At IGA, the figure is 48 per cent.

It’s worth pointing out that while those numbers are high, they still mean more than half of us aren’t worried. But clearly some of us are. Which products do you find harder to locate? Are you routinely shopping in more than one supermarket? Tell us in the comments.

Australian supermarket consumers miss branded food products [Australian Food News]

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