Apple’s Australian Charger Replacement Scheme Price: $14, Not $10

Apple’s Australian Charger Replacement Scheme Price: $14, Not $10

When we tried to guess the Australian dollar price that Apple would use to match the $US10 deal which it is offering to replace third-party USB chargers, we speculated $12 or so. It turns out Apple is going the slightly-more-expensive route: you’ll pay $14 if you want to swap your third-party charger for an official Apple one.

Apple updated its local support page over the weekend and confirmed the $14 price for Aussie consumers, which applies from 16 August to 18 October. $11 off is still not a bad deal at all, but clearly Apple doesn’t think the PR problem from someone being electrocuted by an iPhone is so bad it has to take a total bath on the issue. (Factor in exchange rates and GST and $US10 would come in around $12; the $2 margin might arguably be for Australia’s relatively unique power pin configuration, but as usual Apple isn’t saying.)

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  • Why are they doing this again? If its just to use the official gear can’t see why anyone would be bothered

  • You’ll probably find many of the hardware issues are caused by people using fake/crappy designed chargers. Obviously the easiest solution would be to provide every product with a charger from now on, but eh i wouldn’t count on it.

      • do they? i just went on the apple website and no ipod had one in the “contents on the box”

    • No Cheng, it is for third party USB chargers that plug into the wall only. It’s mighty hard to electrocute yourself with only 12V DC!

  • Just make sure you book a reservation at your closest Apple Store, and take your iPhone iPod or iPad in with you as well as the 3rd party adapter.

  • So we ‘pay more’ and still have a crappy charger compared to the american one (the small cube).

  • I like the fact apple is still probably making a profit on these – even though it’s marketed in a way as if they’re genuinely good guys and are helping people – why then just not just have such overpriced chargers in the first place theres no way a charger costs them more then $5 each :/

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