YippieMove Migrates Your Email And Attachments To A New Account

YippieMove Migrates Your Email And Attachments To A New Account

You probably don’t need to migrate your email accounts very often, but a good reason comes up every once in a while. In those instances, YippieMove is a service that can help.

YippieMove automatically transfers all of your old emails — attachments and all — to a new account. This can be particularly handy, for example, if you have an old Yahoo! account that you would like to make a backup of in case your address is ever reset and given away. We’ve previously covered Backupify Migrator for getting data out of a Gmail account, but YippieMove allows you to transfer between any combination of a long list of email providers, so most people should be covered.



  • jesus, $15 for one email account? While the batch transfer tools and API are great features, at it’s core it copies emails from imap-to-imap (with tweaks for non-standard providers). With current hosting costs the actual transfer will cost a fraction of that.

    I wrote a bash script for imap migration once. Maybe It’s time to rewrite it in a more web-friendly language and undercut these guys.

    (That said, I quite like their design and the privacy policy is one of the clearest I’ve ever read)

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