Would You Use A Self-Service Nespresso Checkout?

Nespresso coffee pods have a devoted audience, and the queues in Nespresso outlets are often lengthy. Nespresso has begun introducing self-checkout options for time-poor Nespresso purchasers. Would you use one?

Picture: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

The first example of the self-serve system has been rolled out at Nespresso’s Australian flagship store in Sydney’s Pitt St, Lifehacker’s friends at appliance retailing site Current report. Similar systems are already used in Europe and the US. (The article also mentions plans to trial same-day delivery in some Australian markets, which my Nespresso addict city worker friends would welcome.)

I can’t make my mind up about self-service in the store. The part of me that regularly heads to the self-service lanes in my local supermarket thinks the time savings would be welcome. The part of me that believes Nespresso goods are already on the pricey side figures the least you can expect is some human customer service for that money.

What do you think? Is that a welcome saving? Are you happy with your lower-priced ALDI coffee pod system? Tell us in the comments.

Nespresso launches self service POS terminals, flags same day delivery [Current]


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