World Beer Map Highlights The Most Popular Brew So You Can Drink Like The Locals

World Beer Map Highlights The Most Popular Brew So You Can Drink Like The Locals

We recently showed you how to order a beer in different languages across Europe. This map is a useful complement: it shows the most popular beers across the globe, suggesting options to order as you roam the planet.

Yes, it’s embarrassing that Australia is covered in a giant VB logo — but not as embarrassing as the USA being blanketed in Budweiser. Hit the link for close-up maps.

World Beer Map [via Business Insider]


  • Looks more like a map of the cheapest/crappiest beer rather than the most popular beer for each country!

    • Yea… Even though I can’t nail down a specific reference to numbers, my googling skills keep referring me to descriptions of corona being one of the most popular beers worldwide, just not-so-much in Mexico.

  • Does anyone actually drink VB anymore? you never really hear about it..

    I agree it is embarrassing.. its a bit like when Tony Abbott talks and you think “Man I hope this isn’t shown overseas, people will think we’re simpletons”

    • I have to say that while VB is certainly the cheap beer that you buy for the sake of its cheapness.. at least they are not listing Fosters as the beer of choice..

      It’s the same for TsingTao.. it’s certainly a well stocked beer in China but if people could afford the choice of others, they would certainly drink others.

  • The reason VB is the top in Australia is the same Oettinger is top in Germany: it’s the cheap stuff you can buy easily. AFAIK Oettinger is sold only via supermarket chains, so if you try and order that in a pub prepare yourself for some major embarrassment 🙂

  • Not embarrassing for the USA at all, Budweiser is a great beer since they changed their brew for the world cup a few years ago. I drink it all the time. Very easy drinking. Certainly favour it over VB. (Don’t hate me!)

    • Totally agree! We were downing them for super bowl in feb and they were beaut with a plate of jambalaya!

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