Why Exams For Recruitment Are Becoming Less Common

Why Exams For Recruitment Are Becoming Less Common

Exams are sometimes used as a way of identifying job candidates, especially for entry-level positions. However, in areas with a lack of skilled professionals (hello fellow geeks!), it looks like skill shortages might be killing off that unpleasant pre-interview ritual.

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Business Insider interviewed James Nicholson, MD of recruitment firm Robert Walters, about changing trends within hiring. As the article points out, “companies aren’t doing themselves any favours by allowing tired line managers to conduct interviews or making applicants go through multiple rounds of interviews and psychometric tests.” And as Nicholson archly notes: “It doesn’t take six people to interview someone for a job.”

IT pros don’t always have the satisfaction of knowing they’ll never take an exam again after they leave higher education. In high-demand IT areas, entrance exams for jobs are relatively uncommon, with certifications are often used as a measure of basic skills, and those require exams. Exams also sometimes form part of the complex recruitment process for technology companies. Apple and Google are both legendary for the intensity of their recruitment processes; it’s not uncommon to sit through a dozen interviews for some Apple roles.

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