When Do You Find Time To Exercise?

When Do You Find Time To Exercise?

Some people swear by working out first thing in the morning in order to start their day off right. Others exercise after work as a quick pick-me-up after leaving the office and before starting their evening. Still others grab a workout over lunch, grab a quick shower and go back to work. Which suits you best?

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We’ve talked about how to get into an exercise routine you’ll stick to, but when do you choose to do it? How long do you normally get to exercise? Why do you prefer that time? Let us know in the comments below.


  • 9PM. Usually go between an hour and an hour and a half. I go at that time because it’s quiet and it gives me plenty of time to digest dinner after I get home from work. Then I usually just get home, shower and then straight to bed and I’m all pooped out from the workout so I sleep like a baby.

    • Do you have kids? Just interested ‘cos In use the lunch break, however after nine the little’uns are fast asleep.

      • Nope, no kids. I’m sure I’m going to have to change up my (entire) schedule once I do though!

  • At my previous job, there was a gym across the road, and I took a long lunch to go there most days of the week. I’d make up for it by getting in a little earlier and/or leaving a little later, and it broke up the day SO well. I’d come back in feeling really refreshed and the afternoon would fly by.

  • I train first thing in morning. I usually get up around 5 – 5.30 in the morning and head to the gym. It’s always hard to exercise first thing in the morning but I feel that when it’s finished, the hardest part of my day us over. Plus it’s easier to complete cause I’m still half asleep and I’m not arguing with myself to do an exercise or not – I just end up doing it.

    • I’m definitely more of a morning person too, though it has been difficult these past few weeks in Melbourne! My partner (a former PT at that) is generally the opposite though and prefers working out after dinner instead. Proves that no two people will have the same work ethic!

  • Use to go during lunch, but that limits the time. Now, after work. Forces me to get out of the office at a sane time and gives me a lot of time.

  • I really struggle exercising early morning and in the afternoons when i get home. So for the last year I have attended bootcamp during my lunch breaks. I’ve also just setup my new standing desk (bought a $50 coffee table on Ebay and put it on top of my work desk).

  • 7am – or lunchtime if work schedule permits. I can get to work on time, then be home to have dinner with my family every day.

  • I commute to work, though it’s only 3.7 km one way. Usually do longer rides (30 – 50 km plus a climb) three times a week starting at 5am.

  • My times change as the day allows (as my commitments change on different days) however, I generally prefer to go in the mornings. It puts me off the on the right foot for the day. In the colder months though, I find it a little easier to go around 11.30-12ish. If I leave my workouts until the afternoon, I find it too easy to make an excuse on why I can’t do it – or I end up too tired to put effort into what matters!

  • I’ve just switched from late night to early morning… too early to report on if I will stick with it

  • After the kids are in bed – from around 8 or 8.30pm. Before kids i preferred a morning routine but with the eldest waking at 6am it just isn’t feasible anymore.

  • Yonks ago and in Canada I purchased the Cybergenics kit (exercise program). If I remember correctly, it stated that the best time to exercise was in the morning – something to do with the fact that the body had finished with any digestive processes and higher gains would be achieved due to blood concentrating on the areas exercised.
    Having and to contradict what I’ve just stated, I typically find the time to exercise at about 9pm or so!!

  • 1 hour just after waking up. Every day of the week
    90min sometime during the day, 3-4 times a week.
    1 hour 8pm 3 times a week

  • I get out at lunch, run for 30 mins or so. Otherwise, I own the garden at home on the weekends with the kids.

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