When Do Presales Become Pointless?

There was a time where gaining access to a presale link for a forthcoming concert or event actually gave you an advantage. But when everyone who might want to go can easily get hold of one, are they essentially meaningless?

Picture: Didier Braviel/Getty Images

I started musing on this when Telstra announced a presale for Michael Buble’s 2014 Australian tour. The presale kicks off at 10am today, runs for 48 hours, and is available to all Telstra customers. And there’s the rub. With Telstra’s market dominance (especially in Buble’s target demographic), I find it hard to imagine that anyone who wants those tickets won’t either be a Telstra customer or know someone else who is.

Other presales are similar. Many deals from Ticketek and Ticketmaster require nothing more than having purchased a ticket from those companies in the past. The only ones that seem to offer real benefit are those through fan clubs — but sometimes those only cover the most expensive seats.

What’s your take? Are presales still a good way to get the best seats, or do they effectively shift the date for everyone? Tell us in the comments.


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