What’s The Most Unusual Question You’ve Been Asked In A Job Interview?

What’s The Most Unusual Question You’ve Been Asked In A Job Interview?

During job interviews, you’ll usually be asked the most common questions, which makes prepping for the interview pretty easy. Sometimes, however, the interviewer will throw out a surprise question.

Personal finance writer Darwin says that this interview question threw him for a loop: “If you could meet any three famous people, dead or alive, who would you want to meet and why?” Unusual questions like these can help the interviewer see how you think on your feet and learn a little more about you than the standard HR questions.

What’s the most unusual question you’ve ever been asked in an interview? (Bonus points: how did you answer it?)

The Interview Question That Threw Me for a Loop (And I Got the Job Anyway) [Darwin’s Money]


  • 1 weird one –

    “If you could be a cat, what breed would you be and why?”

    I couldn’t answer it. I didn’t know any of the names and characteristics of cat breeds. So I told her that, then she changed cat to dog. I answered Leonberger

    And I didn’t think this one was weird, but some other people have

    “Which Operating System best describes you and why?”

    I answered Unix

  • I think that’s a great question. It makes sense asking, unlike many other weird ones. The weirdest I heard was “why do you think our company should hire you”. I supposed they should know better… or at least be able to figure out.

  • “If you were any anime character who would you be and why?”

    Less unusual given the interview was for an arcade center.

  • “What’s your star sign?”

    “Would you have a problem with me asking you to make me coffee?”

  • I got asked “If you saw another employee steal things, what would you do?”
    To which I replied, “If there isn’t more than one reasonable answer to a question, then what is the point in asking it?”

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