VSPEX Proven Infrastructure: Virtualisation Without Tears

VSPEX Proven Infrastructure: Virtualisation Without Tears

The benefits of virtualisation and moving to the cloud are obvious, but many small and medium businesses struggle with effectively deploying those solutions and knowing that their choices will be flexible, future-proof and affordable. EMC’s VSPEX Proven Infrastructure uses a modular approach so you can build your virtualised environments with confidence and without spending a fortune.

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VSPEX includes all the elements you need for virtualisation, server deployment, storage and data protection, and ties in easily to your existing architecture. You can optimise your performance, maximise your storage utilisation and run backup processes more easily. Support for industry standards means it’s easy to expand and integrate as your needs evolve and change, and you don’t have to spend heaps to do it. This isn’t just a solution for the big end of town; it’s a solution for any business seeking the benefits of a modern IT environment.

Check out the video below to see how the Toyota WA made use of VSPEX to improve its IT systems while ensuring customer data remained secure:

The current generation of VSPEX also incorporates EMC’s newest data protection solutions. Using its Protection Storage Architecture ensures that your data protection solutions work with speed and efficiency and helps meet regulatory and compliance requirements.

With VSPEX, you’ll have the confidence of knowing you’ve chosen an affordable best-of-breed solution backed by EMC’s industry-leading reliability and decades of experience. As your needs change, the solution easily scales with your business growth.

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