Vodafone Now Selling 4G Services To Anyone Who Wants Them

Having soft-launched its 4G network to existing customers last month, from today Vodafone is opening up the network to new customers as well. Check out if it's worth investigating for you with our interactive map of coverage locations.

We've tested Vodafone's 4G performance across five capital cities and found it much more impressive in Sydney and Brisbane than in Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth. Vodafone says the network is being rapidly expanded, but right now coverage is patchy even in CBD areas, which are the dominant roll-out sites.

To check 4G coverage at a specific address, you can use Vodafone's coverage checker. On the map below, we've highlighted the suburbs Vodafone lists as having coverage in each major capital city: if your suburb isn't on that list, heading to the more detailed coverage map may not be worth it. You can zoom in to check out particular suburbs or search by name under the map.


    im an existing customer for 2+ years...i still haven't heard a peep about my ability to use 4G from them...

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