Viewfinder Organises Your iPhone Photos And Makes Sharing Easy

iOS: When it comes to organising and sharing your iPhone photos, the default app leaves a lot to be desired. Viewfinder is an app that hopes to make that process a bit simpler by leveraging your metadata as an organisation tool, and providing an easy way to share photos with select people.

Viewfinder is a simple way to organise photos. You can quickly search for photos based on where or when they were taken. Outside of that, you can also share select groups of photos with friends. Within the sharing ecosystem you can chat about photos, star them to save them to your own library, and keep track of your friends photos easily both online and in the app. It works a bit like iPhoto with its shareable photo streams, but the ability to chat about photos makes it worth checking out if you’re interested in sharing large groups of photos with friends.

Viewfinder (free) [iTunes App Store]

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