Use The Word Web App As A PDF Viewer

Microsoft has updated the web version of Word to include a built-in PDF viewer. Any PDF files from your email or stored on SkyDrive can be viewed directly within the app, or the text extracted into a new Word document for editing.

This isn't likely to appeal to Chrome users, who already have native PDF viewing built in. However, if you're on a locked down machine and don't want the hassle of launching a separate viewer, or if you regularly work in the web version of Word anyway, this is a handy addition. It also works from Outlook Web Access, although a bug means it doesn't work on Sharepoint sites at the moment.

PDFs in the Word Web App [Office Web Apps]


    No mention of google docs? Smells like marketing to me.

    Last edited 04/07/13 12:36 pm

    PDF viewing is built in to Firefox as well now.

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