Understanding Office 365 Video: Touch Mode, Paul Thurrott And More

Here’s a great new video series to help IT Pros understand, deploy and manage the new Office. Microsoft’s Jeremy Chapman and Australia’s own Yoni Kirsch (from Fastrack Technology) demonstrate Office 365 with celebrity blogger, podcaster and Windows guru Paul Thurrott. This week’s special was recorded live at Microsoft’s Redmond campus and investigates some of the most common questions surrounding the new Office as a service.

The team were also joined by Jefferson Criddle and John Hoegger from Microsoft’s Office engineering team in addition to early adopter IT Pros including Patrick Wirtz from the Walsh Group, Marvin Correa from Sephora, and Sebastian Stein from HhpBerlin.

Step through all the methods discussed in this video at the official Office IT Pro blog.

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You can also catch more of the Office Garage Series For IT Pros at microsoft.com/garage/ ...or via YouTube and Twitter.


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