Turn A Pill Bottle Into A Waterproof Money Container

You don't have to leave your money behind when you go for a dip at the beach. This inexpensive DIY project turns the common pill bottle into a mini money container.

You'll need the pill bottle, craft glue, Goo Gone, a nylon cord, and either a drill or a large screw. The glue holds the cord in place and also seals the hole you make in the cap.

Donatella, the blogger behind this project, has tested it as waterproof — at least for splashes and a quick swim. Hit up the link below for the full tutorial.

DIY: Stash your cash to the beach [Inspiration & Realisation]


    Or remember that in Australia we have plastic money so waterproofing isn't an issue...

    Then what do you do with it....tuck it into your budgie smugglers??

      Nah, you only do that if you store your money in a cigar tube.

    Guessing this was meant for other countries... Our money is waterproof plastic ;p

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