Turkish Security Researcher Claims He Hacked Apple

Turkish Security Researcher Claims He Hacked Apple

A Turkish security researcher has claimed he is responsible for hacking Apple’s developer portal last week. In a comment posted on TechCrunch, Ibrahim Balic says that he reported 13 bugs to Apple. But in a reaction to Apple’s lack of response he sent the user details of 73 Apple staff he was able to extract from the site. He claims to have personal information for in excess of 100000 users.

There’s a private YouTube video where he claims to expose the method he used and other “sensitive” information.

Although the site is back up now, we’d suggest changing your password if you have a developer account.

We contacted Apple and a spokesperson said that Apple would not be making any official comment regarding this incident.


  • Mr. Balic, you say? I reckon what happened here, is he just wanted to go bowling, and Apple refused, even though Mr. Balic (who changed the ‘e’ in his name to ‘a’ to cause confusion) called them at least a dozen times in the space of five minutes.

    We’re through the looking glass here, people.

  • What a pompous dick. His asshat butthurting has screwed normal people.

    Hope he falls in a ditch and breaks his neck.

    • /shrug

      He didn’t release the bugs to the public
      He didn’t release people’s information to the public
      He warned Apple that they had vulnerabilities
      Apple declined to respond to white-hat claims that they were vulnerable
      He gave Apple proof they were vulnerable by using the bugs
      Apple went nuts and shut the service down

      Exploits like this are serious business, and whilst taking the method he’s used to prove that Apple needed to improve their security sounds bad (ie, by hacking them), I’d rather white-hat hackers do this than some random guy trying to get my account details for profit.

      We’ll just tell the guy who found a bug in SIM card encryption to piss off while we’re at it, because he’s done the same thing.

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