Track Your Data Usage With Windows 8.1

Track Your Data Usage With Windows 8.1

One of the less obvious features in Windows 8.1 is the ability to track data usage on a connection — handy if you’re using mobile Wi-Fi or a limited connection in a hotel. Here’s how to set it up.

To enable this option:

  • Make sure you’re connected to the network you want to measure.
  • Bring up the Settings charm by swiping from the right (or type Windows-I).
  • Choose ‘Change PC settings’.
  • Choose ‘Network’.
  • Under Data Usage, switch ‘Show my estimated data usage on the Networks list’ to ‘On’.

With that option enabled, you’ll see estimated usage if you tap on the Networks icon in Settings. It’s a potentially useful second check against other estimates (such as those provided by your carrier).


    • Whereabouts? It’s been promoted as a new feature of 8.1 and I can’t see it anywhere in the 8.0 settings.

      • If you right click on certain connections you can select ‘enable as metered connection’
        I know my wireless 3/4g card works

      • All you need to do is right click on the network name in the networks bar and then click ‘set as metered connection’
        I don’t remember ever having to go into the settings before to turn it on.

      • If you right click on your wireless network connection you can select either “Set as metered connection” or “Show estimated data usage”.

      • I am rather disappointed with all the “New” Windows 8.1 updates.

        A lot of stuff they seem to be hyping about are not new. What I am looking forward to is the ability to choose the split size with apps rather then the 20/80 split

      • Charms –> Settings –> network –> Right-click on your (wifi) network connection –> show estimated data usage

  • Thanks for this! The “Estimated Usage” was turned off when I updated to Windows 8.1 and thanks to you I can use that feature again! 🙂

  • May I know where this usage data is stored in the system? I want to see the history of usage not just the total usage… Can Anyone help?

  • This works for me on my laptop, but not on my win8.1 pc running wirelessly. Mobo is a GA Z97n gaming 5. I’ve tried export/import the reg info for my network from the laptop to pc but no changes. Any suggestions?

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