Top 10 Ways To Clear Wardrobe Clutter

Can't find anything in your wardrobe because it's too cluttered and disorganised? We've gathered expert advice from our colleagues at POPSUGAR Australia to get your clothes organised and looking good.

Over the past month, the POPSUGAR team have been showing off their wardrobes and sharing their organisation secrets. We've collected together some of their best hints here.

1. Clear out ruthlessly

"One day a few years ago, I was looking inside my wardrobe and hated everything I saw," explains POPSugar Health & Beauty editor Alison Larsen. "Nothing matched and I wasn't proud of my clothes. I used to live alone and got into the habit of buying cheap for a quick fix, and all of a sudden, it was starting to show. In one afternoon, I cleared out 80 percent of my clothes and shoes." The lesson? You're better off with a small number of clothes you like than the illusion of choice, which quickly becomes the reality of clutter and crap.

2. Sell unwanted clothes for extra cash

Cleaning out your wardrobe makes life easier, and also can score you some extra income. POPSUGAR publisher Marisa Remond is a big fan of this approach: "I'm quite ruthless with my wardrobe and do a big market-sell every 3-6 months to make sure I'm not holding on to pieces that I don't need or want. " If there's no market nearby, consider using eBay or Gumtree — but only for good items. Cheap and cheerful T-shirts are better off headed for the rag bag or charity bin.

3. Think outside your wardrobe

Not everything you wear has to go in a single cupboard. "Clothes, shoes and bags all mingle with pieces of art, books and photos in various spots around my room," POPSUGAR associate editor Genevieve Rota says. "Don't be fooled by the busyness, though — everything has a designated place and stays there, and I refresh it all every few weeks." That last point is key: there's a big difference between organised piles and unsorted stacks.

4. Make use of room features

On that note, make use of what's already in your bedroom. "I prefer to use the curtain pull-backs as bag holders — far more practical!" says POPSUGAR fashion editor Alison Parr. This is especially helpful if you rent, since your ability to put up hooks or other storage features will be limited by what your landlord permits.

5. Rotate by season

Unless you have a massive walk-in wardrobe, it makes sense to match what's immediately to hand with the current season. "In Winter I move my knits down (from the compartment above) and move my Summery tops up for easy access," explains POPSUGAR celebrity editor Jessica Chandra. This won't apply to everything, but who needs the hassle of sorting through shorts when the weather is freezing outside?

6. Group clothes by colour

Find it hard to sort your outfits in the morning? "I order everything in colour and that makes getting dressed at 5.30am a tad easier," Alison Larsen explains. Her near-namesake Alison Parr also uses the same trick.

7. IKEA boxes are awesome

Lifehacker's love for all things IKEA is well-known, and it's a lifesaver when it comes to organising wardrobe items too. "IKEA storage boxes are my BFF," says says Alison Parr. "I use them to stow my scarves and belts."

8. Invest in decent coat hangers . . .

"Wooden hangers are a necessity!" Marisa explains. "They not only look good but they take the best care of your items — wire and plastic are the enemy and can easily snag and misshape items."

9. . . . and keep them orderly

"One thing I am obsessed with is the way my hangers face," says Genevieve. "I worked in retail as a teen and I never let go of that particular habit. Mine are all black plastic and they all must face inwards. . . or there'll be hell to pay." (Lifehacker editor confession: I do this too.)

10. Add some personal touches

An organised wardrobe doesn't have to be drab or utilitarian — once you've cleared out the unwanted stuff, you can add a little personality. "The little Snoopy plush toys add a bit of (cartoon) character to my drawer handles," says Jessica.


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