Top 10 Ways To Clear Wardrobe Clutter

Top 10 Ways To Clear Wardrobe Clutter

Can’t find anything in your wardrobe because it’s too cluttered and disorganised? We’ve gathered expert advice from our colleagues at POPSUGAR Australia to get your clothes organised and looking good.

Over the past month, the POPSUGAR team have been showing off their wardrobes and sharing their organisation secrets. We’ve collected together some of their best hints here.

1. Clear out ruthlessly

POPSugar Health & Beauty editor Alison Larsen

2. Sell unwanted clothes for extra cash

POPSUGAR publisher Marisa Remond

3. Think outside your wardrobe

POPSUGAR associate editor Genevieve Rota says

4. Make use of room features

says POPSUGAR fashion editor Alison Parr

5. Rotate by season

explains POPSUGAR celebrity editor Jessica Chandra

6. Group clothes by colour

Alison Larsen explainsAlison Parr

7. IKEA boxes are awesome

says Alison Parr

8. Invest in decent coat hangers . . .

Marisa explains

9. . . . and keep them orderly


10. Add some personal touches

says Jessica

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