This Graphic Shows You Quick Home Improvement Projects You Can Tackle

Sure, some home repairs increase your value, but not all of us have time for a massive kitchen renovation. This infographic will walk you through some of the ways to improve your home — and its value — in your spare time.

Most of the improvements are easy enough for most people, even if you don't consider yourself much of a DIY person. For example, the graphic suggests picking up an auto-mower if you have the right kind of yard for one, or adding a few window boxes with some flowers to brighten up the facade of your home. They also suggest adding dimmer switches to major rooms where a little soft light can improve the mood.

The guide also has some more questionable suggestions (mirrors "create energy?" and desks shouldn't face walls?) so take them with a grain of salt and apply the ones that make sense for your space and style. Even some of the questionable ones (mirrors can make a small space feel larger and brighten it up) can have some practical application. Check out the full image below, or hit the link below to see the graphic at QuickQuid.

Improving Your Home in 10 Minutes or Less — Infographic [Quid Corner via Lifehack]


    I love brown, grey, white and brown.

      I prefer resale value over personal happiness.

    I wish I lived in a house with windows that only took seconds to clean!

    err, no?

      I think you'll find any wiring which involves 240v current must be done by a qualified electrician, including (ridiculously) light switches and power points.

    Yeah, I just leave an auto-mower running around my backyard. Sure, we've gone through a few dogs and the veggies haven't been the same since, but by God the house looks great.

    Oh my hat. How tacky do chrome wall plates look?!

    hmmm a $2000+ auto mower... Still need to "let it out" to get to the front yard at which point one of the neighbours will more than likely steal it.

    Now I also need to go out and buy some paint as my house is all the one colour.

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