The Wooded Peak OS X Desktop

The Wooded Peak OS X Desktop

We haven’t seen a lot of OS X desktops lately, so when Lyndon Woodland submitted his, using his own photo as the desktop no less, we had to highlight it. He makes great use of Geektool to provide just enough useful information on-screen, but not so much it gets in the way when he needs to work.

Want the same look for your Mac? Here’s what you’ll need to get it:

Using GeekTool is definitely not as simple as something like Rainmeter, but you get a lot more control over what a widget does and doesn’t do, how it looks, and where it’s positioned on screen. Plus, you don’t have to install a massive package or theme just to get the elements you want. If you’re interested in getting started with GeekTool, we have a guide to help you learn the ropes.

If you have more questions about Lyndon’s desktop, head over to his Flickr page to leave him a comment and ask away. Don’t forget to let him know how much you like his work (and his photo) while you’re there!

Simple Blissful Alps Desktop [Flickr]