The Unusual, Concrete And Wood Workspace

The Unusual, Concrete And Wood Workspace

Old meets new in this eclectic, multimedia library. Industrial lighting climbs concrete and wood panel walls, while retro accessories (hey, that’s a typewriter!) accompany more modern hardware.

The space was designed by Brazilian architects YTA, who converted a spare room into one for work and entertainment. Their thinking behind the design:

high-tech contrasts with raw matter, returns to its origins, creating dialogue and balance.

The space is made up of juxtaposed layers: the concrete base, the wooden shell, the metal wrapping. All these elements are exposed, made evident and work together.

It’s certainly a unique multi-purpose space (I especially like the pine boards that are creatively angled to create bookshelves and a television stand. Here’s a shot of the rest of the room:

Hit up the link below for more photos and details.

Digital Library by YTA [Dezeen via Minimal Desks]