The Ludicrous Ways Programmers Get Wooed

The Ludicrous Ways Programmers Get Wooed

The right combination of programming skills and business savvy makes you an in-demand potential hire, and companies will sometimes go to ridiculous lengths to attract your attention. It’s always nice to be offered extra money, but how about an Iron Man 2 helmet?

Business Insider rounded up some of the incentives offered to programmers. Options on the list included some obvious ones (gym memberships, free hardware, paid vacations) and some very odd choices (donations of a cow to a charity, an in-office music studio). Eating your own dogfood is also common: Dropbox gives its employees unlimited Dropbox storage, while Uber employees can use Uber cars as much as they like. And as we’ve mentioned before, Google keeps paying partners of employees if they die (though not outside the US, it seems).

Hit the link for the full selection, and tell us about the strangest offer you’ve received.

How To Use Cows And Limos To Lure Great Programmers [Business Insider]

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