The Kii Ensures You Have An iPhone Charger With You Everywhere

Carrying around a charging cord for an iPhone, iPad or iPod is no fun, but it's a necessity if you want to keep your device alive. The Kii is a small, key-shaped charging connector that fits right on your keychain.

The Kii is shaped to look exactly like a key, and it hooks onto your keychain so it's easy to carry around. The Kii plugs into any powered USB port, so provided you can find a computer somewhere you'll be able to charge your device. The Kii comes in two forms, a 30-pin version for the iPhone 4S and earlier for $US19.95, and a lightning version for the iPhone 5.

Kii ($US19.95-$US39.95) [Bluelounge]


    Fantastic! Now all I need to know is where on earth (preferably in Australia) I can buy one. I've read several stories about this device - not one of them saying where it can be purchased.

      Haven't spotted an AU Australia, but the online store linked at the end of the post ships to Australia.

        Good news. Thank you. I asked in JB today and they hadn't even heard of it.

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