The Go-Anywhere Workspace

The Go-Anywhere Workspace

We tend to look at workspaces as places with desks and decoration. At least, that’s what we normally post about in our featured workspace section. When you need to work, however, a distilled toolset often matters more than the space around you. After all, when you can move you can change that space whenever you like.

Reader Pete Mayhem submitted his workspace, which allows him to go essentially wherever he likes. A Chromebook, smartphone, mobile hotspot, notebook, pens and a flash drive make up his space in any location. Using very little lets you move, get things done, and be where you want to be. So how much does the space actually matter when you have your perfect toolset at your disposal?

For a full breakdown of everything in Pete’s mobile workspace, check out his posting on Flickr.

Automating Simple: a Note Taker’s Haven [Flickr]

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