The Futuristic Audio-Mixing Workspace

The Futuristic Audio-Mixing Workspace

If you’re going to make music on your desktop, you can’t make it look much better than this. Flickr user Caroline di Paola combined blacks, whites, and lots of lights and knobs to create a stylish and futuristic audio-mixing workspace.

Audio equipment has a habit of looking pretty ugly, but quite a few devices can fix that problem. Caroline found quite a few exceptions in the Numark Mixtrack, Lexicon IONIX, and some simple black and white studio monitors. Not that you should pick your equipment based on aesthetics, but it certainly doesn’t hurt your workspace if the equipment works great and looks nice.

Desktop Mixer [Carolina di Paola on Flickr]


  • Can’t make it look much better than.. A monitor with a speaker either side and some decks in front? Are you serious, because you sound star struck..

    • Just realized this article was by Adam.. So its asinine nature was to be expected.. Comment redacted.

  • I would call this an audio mixing set up up. This is a DJ type set up, nothing to do with the fine art of audio mixing. Audio mixing to me is DAW’s, a few good mics and great ears.

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