System Center Is Sexier Than Surface RT

System Center Is Sexier Than Surface RT

The news from Microsoft’s annual results that is initially attracting attention is that the company is writing off close to $1 billion in expenses relating to the Surface RT. Ouch. However, for server admins there’s a more interesting stat buried in the numbers: System Center appears to be the fastest-growing product within the company.

The Server & Tools division has long been one of those bits of Microsoft that makes money but gets ignored to talk about more consumer-oriented divisions. But it seems that the Server 2012 family is doing particularly well:

Server & Tools revenue grew 9% for the fourth quarter and 9% for the full year, driven by double-digit percentage revenue growth in SQL Server and System Center.

Those tools appear destined to reman in the cloud and enterprise group as Microsoft reorganises. I guess if it ain’t broke . . .



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