See Your Folks Calculates How Many More Visits Your Parents Can Expect

Unless you haven't moved out of home yet, chances are your parents nag you about not visiting enough. If you need an additional source of guilt, See Your Folks will calculate how many times you're likely to see your olds before they (ahem) pop their corks.

The app uses World Health Organisation life expectancy data to calculate when your parents are likely to cark it, then factors in your own estimate of how often you see them. The site seems popular right now, so you may have trouble getting on.

See Your Folks [via Business Insider]


    Pop their clogs. Unless they're going to celebrate that you're no longer coming around to annoy them.

    Little arseholes.

    Well that's it!

    I'm spending their inheritance.

    Yeah that's a morbid little tool alright. I'll see my parents 0.5 times before they die.

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