SearchClip Searches The Web Using Text You Select And A Keystroke

Windows: SearchClip is a tiny utility that runs in the background and makes it easy to search the web for text you highlight anywhere on your system. Select text, press Ctrl + C twice, and the tool copies the highlighted text and searches the web for it.

Photo by Radu Razvan (Shutterstock).

Once installed the utility just works. Just as you can highlight text and right-click in a browser to search the web for it, you can highlight text and press Ctrl + C twice to open a browser window and automatically search for that text.

You may have to add an exemption to your anti-malware tool for SearchClip to work — it needs to capture keyboard input to work, which can set off your antivirus app's alarms. The code is freely available for inspection at GitHub. Also, you need Microsoft's Visual C++ installed for the tool to work (SearchClip initially gave me a cryptic DLL error the first time I tried to run it because of this issue). Hit the link below to grab it from GitHub.

SearchClip [GitHub via Adam Pash]


    Which version of Visual C++ does this require? I have six installed, but none of them is the right one.

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