Samsung’s 2013 Smart TVs: The Tech Behind Stunning Pictures Explained

There are some impressive advances within the sleek lines of Samsung’s new TV line up, including the 65-inch Series 8 LED. A quad-core processor helps stream content faster and works alongside Micro Dimming tech to produce more detailed pictures. World-class motion clarity brings sport to life and Samsung’s unique Evolution Kit future-proofs your investment by letting you effectively upgrade your TV. Let’s take a look.

It begins with smart design. Samsung’s 2013 TV collection is constructed from premium metals perched upon designer alloy stands. The goal: A picture that almost seems to float in the air. All the while image quality remains front-of-mind; starting with a new Ultra Clear panel structure that absorbs external light to minimise reflections and maximise clarity.


Why The Detail Matters

Next-generation image quality algorithms powered by quad-core (F8000 Series) or dual-core (F6400-F7100 Series) processors continually adjust and refine image settings with Samsung’s Micro Dimming tech to produce vivid images and deep contrast; enhancing shadows and highlights for a more accurate picture. Micro Dimming is available on Samsung’s F8000, F7100, F6800, F6700 and F6400 Series LED TVs.

Micro Dimming works constantly and is able to respond almost instantly to the changing brightness levels in a moving image on the screen, applying the necessary adjustments across multiple areas of the screen at once – up to 576 zones with Micro Dimming Ultimate on the F8000 Series – to help maximise the contrast in every image and reveal the detail you were meant to see. Learn more.

The F8000 Series’ quad-core processor also powers Samsung’s Clear Motion Rate technology to help minimise blur in fast-moving images like those in sports, action-movies and video games. A combination of high refresh rate, a responsive image processor and synchronised panel backlighting dramatically reduces ghosting and motion blur for precise motion clarity. Learn more.

Renew Your TV, Every Year

Samsung’s Evolution Kit updates your TV to the latest hardware and firmware/software each year. If you purchase a Series 8 television, you’re guaranteed Evolution Kit support – letting you gain improved hardware (like quad-core processors) and software updates (like gesture control support) – for five years. And the evolution box easily connects to a special port behind your TV. Learn more.

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