RubyRadar Is A LinkedIn-Powered Dating Service For Rich Professionals

To judge by the ads I see in America in-flight magazines, dating services aimed at high-income professionals are big business. RubyRadar is a local online site targeting a similar market, but with a definite tech twist.

As our sibling site Business Insider reports, RubyRadar currently verifies members manually, but is working on integrating LinkedIn to verify that members work in the jobs that they claim. The site is shamelessly elitist; only 5000 members have signed up, the average income is $200,000 a year (which is at least triple the average figure), and you will eventually have to pay an extra "executive price point" fee if you don't want your income disclosed on the site. (Right now, the site is free.)

I can safely say that this wouldn't work for me, but then I doubt too many rich executive types want to date me anyway. If it stirs your interest, check out the site below.

RubyRadar [Business Insider]


    "Triple the actual figure" = "triple the typical Australian's figure"?

      Correct. Meant to type 'average', brain disengaged. Fixed now, thanks for the pointer.

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