Restore Dirty, Messy Plastics With Olive Oil

Plastics get gunked up and cloudy from time to time. DIYer and YouTuber jaykay18 found a simple fix: olive oil.

As he demonstrates in the video above, you just need to rub a little olive oil on a cloth and then rub that cloth on the fouled plastic. Mild buffing will remove the cloudiness pretty quickly, making your gunked-up plastic look new again.

Life Hack: Restore Fouled Plastics With Olive Oil! [YouTube via LIFE.hackaday]


  • I use Meguiar’s Quick Interior Detailer.
    It’s not a greasy/shiny product like Armor All. It cleans the plastic, and leaves a pleasant enough smell, and doesn’t attract dust.
    It also doesn’t look like your car has had the “used car dealer” treatment of every bit of plastic being covered in shiny gunk.

    I imagine olive oil will leave a residue that will go stale in a short amount of time, while making the car smell like a a deep fryer.

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