Puncture-Free Bicycle Tyres Roll Into Reality [Video]

Puncture-Free Bicycle Tyres Roll Into Reality [Video]

A team of bicycle boffins in the US has invented an air-free bike tyre. This means no more punctures, no more bike pumps and no need to lug around a spare when cycling. Check out this video to see the patented technology in action.

“ERW Patented Airless Design make bicycling safer and more efficient,” the creators explain on their YouTube page. “Obstacles slide under the ERW wheels with precision and ideal comfort, and keeping the tread on the tire.”

The wheel design boasts adjustable treads which can be tailored to suit road or trail conditions. Naturally, the proof of the concept will come down to how well your bike handles, but on paper this sounds very intriguing — especially when you factor in the elimination of punctures.

So when can you snap up a pair of your own? Currently, the inventors are looking to license the technology to other companies which suggests it’s still at the prototype stage. There are also plans to introduce the tech to cars, trucks and military vehicles.

Check out the below video for a demo from the creators:

You can find out more about ERW Airless Tyres at the company’s website.

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