MouseController Records And Automates Mouse Actions

MouseController Records And Automates Mouse Actions

Windows: We love Autohotkey for its ability to automate keyboard tasks. Mouse movements are another thing though. Thankfully, MouseController is up to the task.

The app records your mouse’s movements and clicks in real-time. This means that when you play it back, your cursor won’t just teleport across the screen, but it will actually move exactly the way you did. We’ve featured simpler programs like Mouse Jiggler to do targeted tasks like keeping your screen on, but this app provides much more flexibility.

MouseController [via Addictive Tips]


  • .. The idea with AHK is that you shouldnt really need to. Interract with the GUI elements directly through the windows API. The only thing I can think of actually using mouse input as a way to do anything automatically would be for fullscreen direct x apps.. But even then, entirely unreliable to depend on for even a bot for an MMO given the highly variable nature of such interractions due to factors like mouse sensitivity (100% within one app will move the cursor further than in another for the same input for example), which might be fine for a quick hack.. but not useful for anything else.

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