Make Two-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse

Desserts don't have to be overly complicated — plenty of awesome two-ingredient options exist. We've previously featured biscuits , and now you can make chocolate mousse that way, too.

Instructables user tidje decided to work with two recipes and see which one tasted better. The first requires just four eggs and 100 grams of dark chocolate. The other recipe uses 250 grams of chocolate and one cup of water. The taste test revealed — unsurprisingly — that the version with eggs tasted much better.

While the water version probably has a mild health benefit, most people who tried it felt it tasted like watered-down chocolate dessert — not bad, but not quite mousse. Still, you have your options. Both are very easy to make.

Two Ingredient Chocolate Mousse: A Review of Two Types [Instructables]


    Could the water be substituted with milk or cream? That seems to work with alot of other things, and probably still a lot healthier than eggs.

      What is so unhealthy about eggs? You get far more protein, vitamins and minerals, and they are completely unprocessed unlike milk:

      If you are health conscious, how about don't eat chocolate mousse and do some exercise?

      And if you RTFA the author actually states how she moved away from 'healthy' versions to just enjoying whole foods.

        Well, if they're allergic to eggs - it would be fairly unhealthy if it killed them, regardless of the protein and vitamin content.

        Why launch into an attack, when they asked a simple question ?

          When someone says milk is "probably still a lot healthier than eggs" it's time to pull out some facts and call bullshit where it's due.
          Especially when we're talking about a chocolate dessert FFS.

          What if you're allergice to eggs AND chocolate? You'd have to make a water only version.

            If you're allergic to eggs and chocolate, I'd wonder why you'd be reading this article.

    I guess I know what I'm doing today then

    Or just whip some cream until its stiff and combine it with a pack of Philadelphia Chocolate Frosting. Tastes amazing and takes about five minutes.

    This recipe is either for people have have never had real chocolate mousse, or those who are missing half their taste buds.

    Next article: You can play Halo using only three Hex colors.

      Fuck three... Im going OLD OLD skool... Im going MONOCHROME

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