Lifehacker Pack For iPad 2013: Our List Of The Best iPad Apps

Lifehacker Pack For iPad 2013: Our List Of The Best iPad Apps

It took a little while for the apps to come into their own, but we’re at a place now where the iPad has nearly as good of a selection of apps as the iPhone. Now, it’s harder than ever to find apps that are worthwhile. Let us save you time with this collection of the best iPad apps.

The Lifehacker Pack is a yearly snapshot of our favourite, must-have applications for each of our favourite platforms. If you’re curious to see how things have changed this year, here’s last year’s pack for iPad, or check out this year’s picks for iPhone. This list focuses specifically on apps that really shine on the iPad, so no half-done, blown up iPhone apps here.

Looking for an app in a specific category? use the links below to jump around.


    Mailbox or Evomail

    we like Mailboxwe like Evomail

    Download Mailbox or Evomail


    Download page

    Instapaper, Pocket or Readability

    its own set of benefits and downsides

    Download page for Instapaper, Pocket or Readability


    adore Drafts

    Download page


    Download page

    Paper or Penultimate

    grabbing a solid stylus

    Download Paper or Penultimate

    Air Display

    Download page

    Week Calendar HD

    was our favourite iPhone calendar app

    Download page



    have a few other solid options

    Download page


    Download page

    Tweetbot for iPad

    our favourite Twitter client on the iPhone

    Download page

    Google Hangouts or Skype

    Download page for Google Hangouts and Skype

    Imo Instant Messenger for iPad

    Download page



    Download page

    Actions for iPad

    Download page

    Ebooks, Music, Photos and Video

    iBooks or Kindle

    Download iBooks or Kindle


    Download page


    desktop app

    Download page


    We’re big fans of Downcast

    Download page


    • Thanks for the informative post.
      There is one primary consideration you overlook on web browsers. Blocking. Blocking ads and dodgy web sites. They cost you (through extra downloads) and leave you exposed. Chrome fails to provide a mechanism for this capability.
      I’d recommend Atomic or Mercury browser, as both provide blocking.

    • Looks like a good practical list.

      One app I couldn’t be without is Goodreader, much more reliable and customisable than iBooks, I use it a lot for reviewing PDF reports in my studies. It has fantastic notation, bookmarking and highlighting functions and is able to open a range of filetypes.

    • I’m surprised Evernote only received a mention and didn’t make the cut. After attending the Evernote seminar in Melbourne this year I was converted. I now use it in almost every meeting I attend for note taking & document storage.

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