Learn From Digital Dominators

Learn From Digital Dominators

How can you become a dominant or influential figure in the online world? One way the trial and error approach. Another is to listen to the words of wisdom of those who have achieved success. The Digital Domination Summit brought together 33 online influencers.

With names like Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki and Tony Robbins, the Digital Domination Summit delivers a series of video interviews with leading experts who share their strategies on how to dominate business in the digital world. Not all the people will be well known but all have achieved a degree of dominance in their chosen niche, so the content is worth checking out.

Digital Domination Summit


  • “Digital Dominator”? Sounds like a sex toy or really REALLY bad online name for someone in a “hookup” IRC chat room.

    But seriously, is _THAT_ was SMEG-heads, SEO-tards and other “I’m not a spammer, honest!” kids are calling themselves now?

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