Label Your Laptop With A Business Card To Avoid Airport Mishaps

It's rather too easy to do: you're racing through airport security to catch a flight and you forget to retrieve your laptop. The simplest way to improve your odds of getting it back? Make sure your business card is taped to it.

Airport picture from Shutterstock

The blog for the US TSA suggests this approach to expedite return through airport lost property: "It’s a good idea to tape a business card or a label with your name and contact info on or inside of your laptop."

This might seem like obvious advice, but it strikes me that I've never seen anyone actually implement it. I have seen people grab the wrong laptop by mistake (easy if you have a common model and your bag gets sent through twice or you're held up because the metal detector went off). A business card label would make that less likely too.

Sure, it might make your laptop a little less attractive, but few of them look that good bottom-up in any case. Definitely pursuing this when I return from my current trip.

TSA Blog


    Some of the older HP laptops had a plastic window on the back specifically for this (they may still have).

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